Mr Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries John Inman Series 1—10a sales assistant in gents'; a campy -acting man who lives with his mother. For iPhone users, there is no better news than free apps to download. He made frequent use of double entendreespecially related to his presumed gay lifestyle.

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As a result of the early s, it had gained such a loyal next that American viewers of the show formed fan clubs after that were in large attendance anywhere cast members made guest appearances. You bet, we keep bracing this section every day along with a number of iPhone apps gone free today. Diana Yardwick Doremy Vernon , the manageress of Grace Brothers' canteen by which the staff had their lunch. The show is remembered for its prolific use of double entendres. Mr Ernest Grainger Arthur Brough Series 1—5 , a year veteran of Adorn Brothers, a senior sales aide and head of the gents' department, who often falls dead on the job, is as a rule grumpy, and wears a measuring tape over his shoulders.

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